Unlocking the Secrets of Your iPhone: 10 Lesser-Known Tricks and Features

I’m willing to bet that there are several hidden gems in your iPhone that you haven’t stumbled upon yet. Some of these may be recent discoveries, while others might have been around for years, quietly making your smartphone life a tad bit easier. So, let’s dive in and uncover these iPhone treasures!

1.  Quick Scroll to the Top of a Page

Tired of manually scrolling back to the top of a webpage or app? Well, here’s a nifty trick: just tap the top bar of any app, and voilà! It will whisk you right back up to the top, whether you’re browsing the web or using your favorite messaging or social media apps. Talk about convenience!

Seriously, where has this feature been hiding all this time?

2. Close Two Apps Simultaneously

Want to close multiple apps at once? Swipe up with two fingers, and you can bid farewell to two apps simultaneously. And for those multitasking wizards, three fingers can close three apps!

(PS – If you’re not closing your apps when you’re done with them, you might be draining your battery faster than you think!)

3.  Shake to Undo Text

Made a typing mistake in your messages or notes? Simply give your phone a gentle shake to undo your last entry. This magic trick works in almost any app where you type, including Safari.

4. Send Fun iMessage Effects

Long-press the send button in iMessage to unlock a world of fun effects you can send along with your messages. There’s a variety to choose from, so go ahead and experiment!

PS – Send someone the words “pew pew” and see the surprise!

5. Swipe to Delete a Digit in Calculator

In the calculator app, swipe your finger to the side to swiftly delete the last digit. This also works when dialing phone numbers. It’s like a digital eraser!

6. Get a Perfectly Level Overhead Photo

For those Instagram-worthy overhead shots, make sure your grid setting is turned on in your camera app (Settings – Camera – Grid Setting). When you position your phone over your subject, two crosshairs (one yellow and one white) will appear. Align them perfectly, and you’ll have a level photo!

7. Swipe on Lock Screen for Quick Camera Access

Capture those spontaneous moments without delay! On your lock screen, swipe left to instantly open the camera app. No more fumbling to unlock your phone.

8. Level Edges with the Compass App

Check if a surface is flat without downloading a separate app. Open the built-in Compass App, and you’ll see two crosshairs in the center. Place your phone on a surface, and they’ll align when it’s flat. It’s also handy for checking if shelves and edges are level.

9. Order an Uber with Siri

Siri can do more than just set alarms and answer questions. Ask her to order an Uber, and she’ll handle it for you. It’s as simple as asking a friend for a favor!

10. Use the Spacebar as a Trackpad

While typing, press and slide your finger on the space bar to move the cursor precisely without tapping the screen. Editing text has never been easier!

Did you discover something new in this list? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! Uncovering these hidden iPhone features is undeniably satisfying. And if you have any similar tricks up your sleeve, don’t hesitate to share them with us.

Writing this has been a blast! Maybe we’ll have a part two in the future!”

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