People Who Mastered The Art Of Not Caring

People Who Mastered The Art Of Not Caring

At some point or another, everyone gets to the stage in life where they stop caring. Yes, that glorious moment when you actually realize, “I just don’t give a damn.” From cooling themselves off with a subway vent to drinking martinis at the gym, these individuals have thrown caution, convention, and expectations to the wind and do things their own way. We have so much respect for these people, who couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks of them. They could teach us a lesson or two about not caring about other people’s opinions.

Pimp My Rocking Horse

These guys are old, and you know what that means? They’ve lost the ability to care. This guy doesn’t want to travel around on a normal electric chair because that’s boring. He wants to ride around on a rocking horse, and so he shall.

People Who Mastered The Art Of Not Caring

With his wife leading the way, this guy’s childhood dreams were coming true – definitely the most fly mode of transport in all of the city. And surprise surprise… he doesn’t care what you think about him.

Who Knew Spiderman Was At The Birth Of Jesus

This kid thought to himself, “how boring are all of the traditional Nativity characters?” Rather than being satisfied with the role he was cast (a shepherd, an angel, etc.), he decided to take things into his own hands and become Spiderman.

People Who Mastered The Art Of Not Caring

If your version of the Nativity story doesn’t include Spiderman, frankly, we feel sorry for you. This kid brightened up his day and the day of everyone else by letting his true superhero self shine through.

Grandma Down, We Repeat, Grandma Down

Let’s be honest, is it that important that everyone who started in the photo actually ends up in the photo? These people clearly don’t think so.

People Who Mastered The Art Of Not Caring

Just as Grandma slips off her seat in the photo, the rest of the family keeps on smiling as though nothing had happened. Shine on, queens! Never let anything dim your light.

Happy Hour Isn’t Confined To The Bar

Health is wealth, they say, but what about that inner glow? Is that really achieved from the gym? Or is it achieved from sipping cocktails? This lady knows.

People Who Mastered The Art Of Not Caring

Rather than sweating it out like the rest of the peasants, she’s sipping on her cocktail and living her best life. Who needs gains when you can have strained fruits and alcohol. She definitely knows what’s up.

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

Technology moves fast, and at some point, this man simply said, “I don’t want to keep up.” Well, hats off to him. He’s living his truth.

People Who Mastered The Art Of Not Caring

Why have an iPod if it’s so hard to use? If he’s happy carrying his huge stereo around with him, then we are too. The old-school headphones really top off this retro look.

You Expect Me To Sleep On A Bench?

If a flight is canceled, there’s no way you’ll catch us sleeping on an airport bench. When the equipment is at hand, why would anyone refuse to use it?

People Who Mastered The Art Of Not Caring

That’s right. Set your tent up in the airport, and you have your own little mini camping experience. Don’t let anyone tell you this isn’t allowed; you’re doing your own versatile thing, and we love to see it.

Don’t Rush Me, I’m Very Busy

Time waits for no one, but these people will wait for this lady to finish her solitaire game.

People Who Mastered The Art Of Not Caring

Don’t let life stress you out; just be like this woman. Looking after ourselves is the most important thing, and boy, does she know it.

Traveling In Style Each And Every Time

Car seats are so last year. Who needs safety and seatbelts when you can ride in an armchair on the back of a truck.

People Who Mastered The Art Of Not Caring

This man looks more like an evil villain as he sits proudly and regally on the back of this truck. He is traveling in style, and he doesn’t care if that chair could go flying off the truck at any moment.

Why Do Inanimate Objects Have All The Fun

Life is hard for a human, not a cello. Cellos get an easy ride, and this guy wanted to get in on that magic.

People Who Mastered The Art Of Not Caring

Perfect nap spot? Yes. Experiencing the joy of being an inanimate object? Yes. Looking like a dead body? Yes. Could you ask for anything else?

No Matter The Weather, It’s Crab Time

So what if there’s a hurricane; it’s just a little water. Does that mean we can’t still enjoy ourselves? Absolutely not.

People Who Mastered The Art Of Not Caring

Hurricane Sandy was not gonna stop these people from their delicious crab meat, even if it meant they had to sit in canoes to eat. Good for those guys, living the dream and supporting local businesses.

Only God Can Save Me

We’re never in control of anything, really, so why pretend? Why not sit on the edge of a balcony that looks like it will fall off the building at any moment.

People Who Mastered The Art Of Not Caring

Everything is meaningless, plus the fall on the way down might actually be a bit of an adrenaline rush to brighten up the gloomy day.

You. Shall. Not. Pass.

Never have Gandalf’s infamous words rung more true than when this woman decided that nobody would get past her. If she couldn’t walk, no one else would.

People Who Mastered The Art Of Not Caring

She’s old, and she’s bold. She does things her way and all the more respect for her. Everyone else can wait; she’s in control here.

Only In Florida

Who decided that the only animal we can ride is a horse? When did that become a thing? This lady wants to ride a zebra, and so she did.

People Who Mastered The Art Of Not Caring

Just because you’re not used to seeing it, doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. In fact, it seems like an incredible idea to us.

If It Feels Good, It Feels Good

We humans have to really hold onto whatever pleasures we can find in life, and when we find them, we can’t think about what other people think.

People Who Mastered The Art Of Not Caring

This man just wanted to cool off on a sweltering summer day, so he stood on a subway grate and let the wind do its thing. He couldn’t have cared less who was staring at him or taking photos.

The Party Must Go On

When it’s time to party, it’s time to party. The shoe situation is simply unimportant. Yes, even if the shoe is halfway up your leg.

People Who Mastered The Art Of Not Caring

Who cares about shoes, anyway? They are totally overrated, in our opinion. If the possibility to dance is there, then dancing will be done.

Carter Will Do Anything For A Banana

This is Carter. He knocked on his neighbor’s door to ask if he could have a banana and then left. He didn’t even stick around to chat.

People Who Mastered The Art Of Not Caring

And guess what? He got his banana. That one cool little kid knew what he wanted, and didn’t care how he got it.

His Wife Is Trapped Inside, But Sometimes You Have To Do It For The Gram

Death could come to us at any time, but when we beat death in a beautiful stunt-movie style way, there’s only one thing to do. That’s right, take a photo.

People Who Mastered The Art Of Not Caring

Yes, even if your car flipped over. Yes, even if your wife is still trapped inside. Some photos are more important than other things, and this old man definitely knew that.

A Man’s Gotta Eat

Pancake time is always a good idea, no matter the location. In our opinion, sitting in a lecture actually seems like the perfect time for pancakes.

People Who Mastered The Art Of Not Caring

Maybe it goes against school protocol, but who cares about that? This guy wanted pancakes and went for it. He deserves an A in our book.

Dress Code Not Required

Dress codes are famously the most boring thing that exists in the workplace. So if they’re not required, why wear one?

People Who Mastered The Art Of Not Caring

Does being a software engineer really require that you wear a suit? No. So this guy with his band t-shirt and crazy hair is a shining beacon to the rest of us to live our fashionista truths.

Give Him A Break, He’s Tired

This guy beat the system. He figured out how to avoid work and make himself look more intimidating than he actually is.

People Who Mastered The Art Of Not Caring

Want to take a nap? No problem. A cardboard cutout of yourself will definitely do the job; then, you can sleep all you want. He doesn’t care what you think, and why should he? He’s incredibly well-rested.

Embodying Artistic Freedom And Creativity

What, you think she didn’t mean to draw a tree? Oh no, she did. It’s not that her martini glass didn’t work out; it’s that she didn’t want to draw a martini glass.

People Who Mastered The Art Of Not Caring

A drink on the beach is a weird concept. A tree on the beach, though? That’s where the artistic gold lays, and boy did she know it. Stand out from the crowd sister, don’t play by the rules. You got this.

The Unstoppable Granny-Mobile

Who needs a car when you can have all the open-air luxury you need with an electric chair? Not this lady.

People Who Mastered The Art Of Not Caring

Holding up the traffic doesn’t bother her at all, she’s going at her own pace and you can’t stop her. Queen of the road- ride on.

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