Attracting Potential Employers Through Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is probably the best social network for business professionals who are looking for jobs. Aside from the excellent articles posted here, this site is also the perfect avenue in attracting potential employers.

A study by the LinkedIn team revealed that 87% of recruiters maximize the reach of this tool to find the best employees for them. If you want to catch the attention of potential employers, then you have to market yourself well on LinkedIn. This guide will provide you with the best strategies that will make your profile stand out from the other 562 million users.

  • Choose A Professional Photo

Your profile photo is the first touch point of recruiters. Therefore, make sure to choose a friendly, high-quality, and professional image that will best suit your personality. You also have to keep in step with how other individuals look in your field. Take a look around LinkedIn and check what the professionals in your target business level, track, and industry sector are wearing. Remember, your photo is one of the basis whether you’ll fit in the company or not.

  • Be Detailed With Your Experience

What you put in this section will make or break your potential career. You have to make sure that the things you post here should reflect everything that you have done. You may opt to import your current resume or choose to input your past job positions manually. Take note to explain in detail what you have accomplished during your stint there and optimize it with keywords.

Attracting Potential Employers Through Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Fill Out Everything Completely

Yes, it might be a little tedious to fill up every section on your LinkedIn profile. If you want to be as searchable as possible, you have to be patient in accomplishing everything. These include volunteer associations, past work experiences, education, and skills. It is the perfect place where you can show how you are as an individual, even beyond the work setting.

  • Use Numbers

It is not enough to describe your job descriptions. What’s more important is to showcase your staggering results. For example, you have successfully conducted fundraising in the past. Mention how much profit you have gained and how many people participated in this event. Presenting these numbers will give a lasting impression to your profile reader.

  • Create A Personalized URL

Creating a personalized URL will make it easier and faster for other connections to find you. There might be times that some other people have already taken your personalized URL since your names are similar. What you can do, however, is to add a number or location after the name as an alternative.

If you’re not familiar with this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click the gear beside the public profile link.
  2. Look for the URL section and click the pencil icon.
  3. Personalize your URL (it must be between 5 and 30 characters).

There are more ways that you can do to make your profile stand out, but you can start with these five tips. The next thing you know, introductions start rolling in, views begin piling up, and recruiters start getting in touch with you.

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