Accepting The New Normal: Work From Home Using The Internet

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We are now in the new normal. It means that healthy is staying indoors and not going out as much, if not, at all. This was brought upon by the fatal Coronavirus since early of this year. It does not have a vaccine as of yet, which is why people are wary of going out in public. Most everyone is also taking safety precautions when they go out by wearing masks, protective clothing, and splashing on alcohol. When they get home, they also immediately take a bath and put their clothes in the wash to make sure that no virus came along with them. If there was, it would quickly be disinfected.

Anyway, children are not advised to go to places where there are thick crowds. The same thing goes for senior citizens. Social distancing is also practiced because the virus can be transmitted from one person to another through respiratory droplets. That is why people do everything they can to avoid transmission. This disease is killing almost half a million people worldwide in a matter of months. And it’s not just that. The world economy has plummeted and is even worse than the Great Depression.

So, what do we do about that? We can only stay at home. Some do not even have work within their homes. They may have lost their jobs as well because of the said pandemic. It is really bad, and it will only get better if we accept the new normal. After acceptance, we also need to find a solution to move forward pertaining to lifestyle and finance.


The answer lies over the internet. We must use the internet to our advantage since it is the tool now for us to earn from home.

“I am not an entrepreneur. I don’t know how to sell things online. This is not my area of expertise.” People complain first before they move, which is a very negative approach.

First off, what is your expertise? If you can answer that, then we move forward to the next step. The second step is this – how can you use that expertise and market it over the internet? You do not have to do the marketing for yourself. Others can provide that service. (See? If you do not know how to advertise, you can PAY someone to do that for you. This is one of the perks of the internet – beneficial for the service provider because he can earn money online, and so good for the client without online marketing knowledge because he can get advertising services for a fee). Do you get the idea now? Everything is online now, even schooling.

Let’s make an example.

The pandemic has forced all of us to stay at home and limit our public presence. It has also cost most people their jobs and careers. Traditional businesses and some companies have closed down due to bankruptcy. Tourism is zero at the moment, and if you are in the tourism business, what do you do?


I spoke with a tourist guide/travel and tour business owner, and of course, like his colleagues, he lost his business in a snap. He was very sad about it, but he cannot do anything. At this time, tours are not permissible, and so, he had to revise. Instead of closing down his business, he put it on hold until ports and airlines resume their usual movements. He is hoping that it will come by next year when people are more open to leisure traveling after these vaccine tests.

So, how does he earn now? A local school teamed up with him to each History. Since he knew a lot about cities and countries, he became a teacher and taught kids about his favorite places to visit. He has pictures of himself going to historic places and World Heritage sites. This made online sessions of the children more exciting and engaging as well.

Bottom line – acceptance of the new normal and moving forward. A tour guide became a History teacher and made a difference in the lives of little kids online.

So you see, there is always something for you through the internet. Just open your eyes and welcome the opportunity.

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