Stay At Home And Use The Internet For Business

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This time is a challenge for all of us. Millions of people have been forced out of their offices because of COVID-19. Operations in all industries have slowed down; some have even closed their doors. Only a few essential industries like food and medicine are still open, but then, they have limits. They still cannot function at 100% capacity.

Why is this? COVID-19 has stopped everything in its tracks. The virus is transmitted from one person to another during physical contact. If a person with COVID-19 is within 10 feet from another person, he will surely transfer the virus by speaking, sneezing, coughing, and touching the other. It also can live on land and any object for a few hours. If a person touches this object, the virus will be transmitted, and that person will be exposed.

The safest way to avoid this virus is to stay at home and do not go out. If you must go out, you have to wear a mask and protective gear. Bring with your 70% alcohol or hand sanitizer. Do not stay out for a long time. And when you get home, the clothes you wore outside must be washed with an anti-bacterial soap with bleach. You also have to take a thorough bath and scrub your whole body for at least 20 seconds each part with sulfur soap, if possible.


There is no vaccine for Coronavirus, and we can only do these protective steps. If we are hard-headed and go out to town so we can do business, the chances are that the virus will spread even more and kill by the ten thousands each day. Right now, at least 2500 persons are killed daily. With stubborn people, it can easily triple. And that, we do not like to happen.

What can we do for now? We need to stay at home and work from home. This is the new normal, and the internet can be our best friend at this time.

  1. If, like me, you are one of the many who have been laid off, do not fret. This is the reason why we have been working and saving money. We save cash for the rainy days, and this is the storm. Hopefully, your savings can sustain you for a month or two. It is a great thing that the government has a worker’s benefit and the stimulus package. You will survive this if you are a smart spender. AND YOU ARE. YOU CAN MAKE IT THROUGH THIS.
  2. If you do not have savings, then, try to be productive. You have skills and talents that will make you earn money so you can put food on the table. You can do online work – check for freelancer offers. You can also sell stuff online or cook food and have it delivered to your client’s doorstep. There is Seamless, GrubHub, and more. Amazon and eBay are also hot these days. Post your DIY projects there. Do anything that will make you earn bucks. Are you a teacher? If yes, then, become an online tutor or coach. It is possible these days. Everything is done online now, luckily for us. Dive into the new normal. YOU CAN DO IT. YOU WERE BUILT TO OUTLAST THIS PANDEMIC.
  3. Love every minute of staying at home. Do you remember how you used to complain that you are always out working and no time to relax? Well, here is your answer. You can relax for as long as there is COVID-19 in our streets. Use it to your advantage and balance your work-life pattern. It is possible. YOU WILL MOVE ON FROM THIS.

The Internet is a great help these days. It is the new normal now, and it will be normal for a very long time. It is not safe for any of us to go out and risk our lives just to earn $1000 a week. Until there are COVID-19 cases in your community, stay at home. Use the internet. Do not go out. Money can be found easily, but once this virus hits you, your life is in grave peril.

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