Productivity Tools: Your Next Go-To Business Strategy

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The 2017 Akron Conference is an educational and fun human resource conference. Managing your team is vital to your business. One important strategy to optimizing your human resources is the use of technological advancements, such as productivity tools. These tools cover various areas of the company, such as online marketing strategies, customer satisfaction, business process automation, and more. 

Read on to know why this should be your company’s next strategy. 

Data Stays In One Place


One of the best benefits of an online productivity tool is the way it can store data in one place. In the past, if your boss needs something from you, it’s either you email it to him one-by-one, or you can provide a separate USB stick with the file inside. 

Through the help of these platforms, you now have the freedom to store all kinds of files in one place – documents, presentations, sheets, images, and more. You even have the option to give access to other people you are collaborating with. 

Higher Quality Platform

Another feature that these tools give us is the ability for other co-team members to check the status of the project of one another. Once they see it, they can instantly comment on it and make adjustments in real-time. It improves the project’s end product. 

Improved Collaboration


Many would say, communication is key to any business success. Through the help of online collaboration tools, co-workers now have no excuse not to collaborate. These platforms enable you to review your teammate’s schedules and communicate with them in real-time. You can even do this with them while checking on each other’s work through their data-sharing option. 

Quicker Actions

Before, projects were slow because of updates and submissions through email. However, with the guidance of collaboration tools, you can see their current progress up to the last second. You don’t have to waste your time waiting for them to send their updates. 

It gives you the freedom to act more quickly with every aspect of the project through the help of their online checklist features, commenting options, assignment of sub-tasks, and setting task deadlines. 

Overall, online productivity tools are now a must-have in this digitally-driven business era. All of these benefits lead to a higher productivity rate, higher customer satisfaction, and higher employee engagement. 

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