Best Advice A Therapist Gave When I Was About To Lose Everything For Success

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“Successful people are driven. They usually work harder, persevere longer, and bounce back from adversity faster than others. While some people are just natural go-getters, drive sometimes stems from hurt and pain. High achievement may temporarily mask a person’s heartache, but the anguish lurks just beneath the surface,” says Amy Morin LCSW.

I always aim to achieve big things. So I always make sure to stay on track and do things that best suit my preferences. I honestly do not care about what people say because I know myself more than they do. I believe that my attitude towards achieving my goal is on its highest potential. I am passionate about what I do, I make time for everything, I keep records of my learning, and I stay positive all the time. Those are the entire things that matter to me because I want to become successful. However, my attitude of being so confident in my goal created some unexpected issues in my life. With that, I asked my therapist for a bit of advice.

Sacrifice Friends And Family Relationship

“I would not be where I am if not for the love of a good woman, my friends and family who support me, and the millions of people who read my words. I do my best to thank everyone in my circle. We all feel better for it.” These were the words of psychologist Barton Goldsmith Ph.D. in his article titled 10 Tips for Achieving and Dealing with Success. How come I don’t have “this” in my “successful” life?

A lot of people with a business mindset often ignore the drama. Instead of talking about people, they prefer to discuss ideas. That kind of mentality happens to be one of my best assets. However, due to my undivided attention, friends and family grew distant. They considered it an issue because I am not giving them enough attention. These people thought that I was too busy building an empire without considering them in it. With that, they became so judgmental and demanding. But instead of losing my track, I decided not to care, and my therapist agreed with me. He said that aiming for success means you have to sacrifice something unique and valuable sometimes. If those people don’t contribute to your success in the first place, then they should not be in it. Instead of crying your heart out for losing the people who criticize you, start choosing better ones that encourage and influence your mindset and vision.


Make Time Your Friend, Not An Enemy

Business minded people often take time seriously. They look at it as something that both helps and kills them at the same time. It is one of their consequential fears as what every therapist would say. As for me, I considered time as a friend because I did not want it to get in the way of my success. Yes, certain things required me to wait. But it didn’t keep me from working on something in between those empty time slots. My positivity is more significant than my complaints, and that is the reason why I became close friends with time. Yes, in some unfortunate cases, time was not cooperative at all. That instead of it giving me enough space, it pushed pressure and anxiety. But I managed to get through it by choosing what is more important. Meaning, instead of taking everything and putting in inside the box so you could keep it, let it go. Allow pause so you can begin to work again on things with a handful of new ideas.


Success Is All About You

“Psychologist Peter Gollwitzer and his colleagues have found that beyond setting goals, setting what he calls implementation intentions maximizes the likelihood of engaging in goal-directed behavior,” says Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton Ph.D. I do this. I set goals. I do my fair share work to achieve it.

When we aim for success, we want to achieve great things in life. But that is not particularly the whole idea of why we work so hard for it. The truth is, we want to choose ourselves. We want to protect our dreams that we let go of the things that don’t matter. My therapist told me that I should never feel sorry or guilty for aiming personal growth. I should not allow other people to tell me what I must do and who I need to become. With that, I started knowing myself more. I began to trust my instincts, measured my capabilities in a lot of ways, and often considered looking for ways to make things better. Those attitudes made me realize that success is all about me. That no matter how many times I failed in trying, I can still be me. I can create actions and do things better for a hundred times. With that, there must be an avoidance of self-sabotage. Never picture failure as something negative. Instead, use it to advantage to gain knowledge and experience.

Success can have both good and bad outcomes. But it should not have to scare you. Yes, a lot of cases you might lose everything with it, but it don’t mean you shouldn’t try aiming for its betterment. As long as you don’t lose yourself in the process, you can genuinely secure great things ahead of you. Family and friends, who don’t support you; remove them out of your way. Are Life issues giving you a rough ride? Then make some time. Consider the success part of your personal development, and the rest will follow.

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